30 cm 2?/8? enclosure-type dual voice coil subwoofer (1400W)

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pioneer -TSW306R


1300 Watts Max Power (350 Watts Nominal)

New Voice Coil Cooling System (VCCS)

IMPP cone produces tight and accurate bass

Specially designed Voice coil...more info

pioneer -TSWX120A

 Powerful amplified subwoofer system with a small footprint...more info

Infinity- Kappa 1000W

 Kappa 1000W  

10" (250mm) High-Performance Car Audio Subwoofer 
Looking for a more moving audio experience? Take Infinity car audio...more info

 12" Single Voice Coil Subwoofer with stacked 40oz magnets delivers low distortion bass that pounds in either sealed or vented enclosures

High-gloss-finish...more info
Infinity-Kappa 1200W

Kappa 1200W  

12" (300mm) High-Performance Car Audio Subwoofers 

Looking for a more moving audio experience? Take Infinity car audio for a ride. Innovative...more info


8" Sub Amplified Tube                                                ...more info


 8" Sub Amplified Flat Sub 150W                                ...more info


10" Sub Up right slim box amplified sub 130w                  ...more info

Pioneer -311D4SB

 Single 12" Subwoofer in Custom Pioneer Slot-Ported Box

400W RMS, pre-wired for 2 Ohm operation

IMPP Composite Cone

Dual-Layer Elastic Polymer Surround

...more info
Pioneer -311S4DB


 Subwoofer Size - 2x 12" Subwoofer

Enclosure - Custom Pioneer Slot-Ported Box
Dimensions - 390mm x 890mm x 490mm
Terminals -...more info
Pioneer -TSSWX2502


10″ Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure (1500W Max)

 • Tight bass from a shallow compact design

• Reinforced MICA...more info

Pioneer - TSWX306B


12 inch subwoofer

1300 watts max music power

Sealed carpeted enclosure

350 watts RMS at 4 ohm

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