Sound Skin-SSLITE - SS-Lite SoundSkins Lite

 SSLITE - SS-Lite SoundSkins Lite trimmed down compact sound dampening

SoundSkins Lite is a compact deadening material with out all the trimmings making it a more affordable option. Primarily used for lining the inner skins of doors, floors and interior panels SoundSkins Lite reduces vibrations, improves sound & blocks out road noise.

Our unique design uses no foil to hold the rubber butyl together making it easily plyable when laying over any surface.

SoundSkins Lite combines a perfect blend of ingredients with a custom manufacture process to create a trimmed down sound deadening material that still delivers.

No foil required, thin, compact & dense everything you need to soundproof your vehicle on a budget.


Simple Design With Results

The primary purpose of any deadener is to reduce outside noise entering the vehicle by weighting the interior panels. The SoundSkins Lite does using a compact butyl. No foil is requried due to our unique manufacture process.

SoundSkins Lite Material
SoundSkins Lite Sheets

Pro vs Lite

Whilst our Lite series material is simplier and thinner, then the Pro series, it is actually heavier on purpose. 

Lite is a play on words that refers to its simple 1 layer design and lighter price.

SoundSkins Lite Layers
SoundSkins Lite Thickness

Built To Perform

Strong adhesive & two large sheets make the Lite material quick and easy to work with. The no foil design makes it easy to cut with a blade into any shape required.

SoundSkins Lite Adhesive
Sound Skin-SSLITE - SS-Lite SoundSkins Lite

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